Spring Explorations

I actually suggested to friends the other day that there should be a special tax on visitors to Rome in April and early May.

The city is just too beautiful this time of year. Flowers bursting into bloom, bird songs, crisp mornings and warm midday sun, vibrant evenings, the energy of new exhibits planned over winter months, a host of cultural events, artichokes. To relieve the potential guilt of experiencing such beauty, maybe there should be a surcharge. The “wisteria” tax we could call it.

I’m kidding, of course, but touching on an emotion many people feel in Rome each Spring. I’ve led some of the most enjoyable walks ever these days and rather than go on about it, I’lll most some images. If they inspire you, think about joining me next spring (I’m already taking bookings), or in any season as they each have their perks.

Tom on the Architects and Artisans walk
Villa d’Este, Tivoli

visiting textile shops in Campo Marzio



in a Mithraeum at Ostia Antica
How to have the Palatine Museum to yourself
Filling our scrapbooks at a local leather workshop
Stopping for coffee in the perfect Renaissance cloister
Gawking and browsing at Rome’s oldest public library
Villa Sciarra
This only happens for a couple of weeks a year
Caravaggio anybody?
Have a seat on Bramante’s sofa, the unfinished foundation of a Renaissance prison
Maybe there should be an azalea tax?