Lectures, walking tours and continuing education programs, educating professionals and laypeople in architecture and the urban environment.

Travel writer Rick Steves wrote “One of the most inspirational guides I’ve ever worked with is Tom Rankin.”

With over 25 years’ designing and organizing on-site architectural walks in Italy, Tom Rankin is available to give lectures on subjects from architectural history to urban sustainability, lead thematic walking tours, and coordinate full-fledged educational workshops. He and his team unveil Rome’s architecture as few have experienced it before.

We love to arrange private tours for families, institutions or individuals, designed to unveil the urban backstreets, archaeological treasures, grand palaces and churches, and contemporary hot-spots of Rome.

Our focus is on Rome’s architectural riches but in our explorations we occasionally stop for a coffee or culinary tasting, step into an artisan’s shop or a cloister or descend to visit underground ruins. Our alumni have said that the time flies but they continue to process the unforgettable experience for years to come.

Just let us know your anticipated dates and interests and we will respond with our availability and rates. We take bookings months in advance but occasionally have last minute openings.


To inquire about prices and scheduling or apply to participate email us or fill out the form below.