Studio TRA_20 previously specialized in designing educational and engaging walks and extended cultural programs in Rome and elsewhere in Italy. Since the pandemic, we have decided to step away from the travel business.

Tom Rankin founded the original semi-private walking tour company, Scala Reale, in the 1990s and is now the brains behind Studio Rome Architectural Itineraries

With over 20 years’ experience teaching in Italy, Tom Rankin is available to give lectures on subjects from architectural history to urban sustainability, either at the podium or out in the city. To request a speaking engagement contact us.


TRA_20 arranges private tours for families, institutions or individuals, designed to unveil the urban backstreets, archaeological treasures, grand palaces and churches, and contemporary hot-spots of Rome. Through walking tours and special visits to hard-to-access sites, we excel at educating professionals and laypeople in architecture, art and urban history.

Just let us know your anticipated dates and interests and we will respond with our availability and rates. Email us or fill out the form below.

Note: we are very rarely taking on such engagements since the pandemic but may be able to recommend colleagues.

In effect, a museum has been enlarged at the cost of civic space.

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