These conversations took place remotely in November 2020 and were created for the program I teach with California Polytechnic State University. Some of the questions discussed were:

  • Should we — and if so how  — build in Rome’s historic center today? 
  • Our project posits the possibility for shared civic space; do you think contemporary society still needs this? 
  • Social justice and equity is a professed aim of many designers, but is it really possible to achieve through architecture? 
  • Is it more important that a building be sustainable, meaningful, or beautiful?

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Nader Tehrani
Andrea Leers
Maria Claudia Clemente
Pippo Ciorra
Mario Cucinella
Cino Zucchi
Simone Capra
Stephen Kieran
Massimiliano Fuksas

Rome Remote Videos

A series of videos I’m shooting during the coronavirus lockdown, in hopes of consoling those who had to cancel trips these days. And to reassure others that life goes on in Rome. Follow my youtube channel to see more.

Part of a lesson with kids from Renaissance Kids at Andrews University