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    Architecturally-conceived educational programs in Rome and throughout Italy.


TRA_20 is…


Exhaustive knowledge and passion for Rome, always building on the past.


Innovation, combined with  pragmatism and project management skills.


Unprecedented access to unforgettable places and people.


Ecologically-conscious architecture and urban design projects for public and private clients.


Local knowledge, local contacts in Rome and all of Italy.


Valuing Italy’s cultural heritage and keeping it alive with new energy.


Some recent place-making posts

On Overtourism

January 6, 2020

Yesterday I took a train to a small town outside of Rome to spend the day with my son who recently moved there. Descending, I notice a number of passengers greeted in English by a smiling hostess. “Are you here for the wine tour?” Soon a dozen mostly Americans (a fact gleaned from the “where are you from?” chatter I heard in passing) were following her up into the town. They probably had a great experience and tasted some lovely wines, but it left me reflecting on the problem of “turistificazione”, a term I had just read in an article about airbnb and its effects on our cities.

Winter in Rome – 3 Reasons

December 1, 2019

Any season has its reason, and every city shines under different lights at different times. Aside from whether or not that really means anything, Rome is worth visiting, even (especially?)…

Roma Interrotta, Cities Interrupted

May 15, 2019

For my readers in Rome (at least those with Italian language skills and architectural interests): come to the talk by Piero Sartogo this Friday 17 May 4:00 pm at the Sapienza University Architecture Department, Aula Bruno Zevi.