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We encounter great projects more and more frequently in our real and virtual explorations and I’ve always wanted to file them away for future reference and to share with students and colleagues. So I’m going to start linking and commenting here with the occasional blog post, categorized according to the sustainable city themes that are applied: water, green, mobility, waste, urban fabric, energy, or community, plus tags for the geographical location. I thought of using existing platforms, already set up as databases or place-based information, and there may well be some out there that fit the bill. (Please let me know in comments if you have suggestions.)

I’ll start this off with the “Sunny Inside” project by Carlo Ratti, even though it’s not really about “public” space but rather is inside Italian pharmaceutical company Zambo. There are various levels of public, and I consider shared workspace relevant as well.

According to the CRA website, the project “pushes the boundaries of biophilic design with a series of special features, such as an innovative illumination system to bring natural light in buildings, hydroponically grown green areas and spaces for natural silence.”

Photos by Luca Rotondo and Marco Beck Peccoz

The blog will feature about one project a week, serving as a searchable database for best-practices and innovation in the public design world.

Another sector of the site may simply be a “links” list though, limited to linking to pages which describe interesting projects. Humor me while I test this out with my small readership.