Roma Interrotta, Cities Interrupted

For my readers in Rome (at least those with Italian language skills and architectural interests): come to the talk by Piero Sartogo this Friday 17 May 4:00 pm at the Sapienza University Architecture Department, Aula Bruno Zevi.

I met Sartogo years ago but got to know him better this year when we both participated in a panel presenting Iolanda Lima’s book on Bruno Zevi. He has a wealth of stories to tell of his longtime collaborations with Gropius, Zevi and others, but his greatest claim to fame was the 1978 Roma Interrotta exhibition.

Roma Interrotta entailed a series of proposals by invited architects such as Stirling, Venturi, Krier(s), Rossi etc. to re-design Rome again, starting from Nolli’s Map and working by subtraction-substitution/addition.

It was also one of the sparks that inspired the Interrupted City project, an international symposium to address the challenges of urban division and resulting buffer zones from multiple perspectives: geo-political, socio-economic and urban morphology and architecture. Interrupted City was launched by Prof. Alessandro Camiz together with architect Paolo Pineschi and myself. More information can be found at