• Architecture in Rome

    Learning from the Past, Acting in the Present, Designing for the Future

  • Design Philosophy

    Rethinking how we inhabit Rome

  • Sketches

    “I draw so I can see.” – Carlo Scarpa

  • Talks, Walks and Workshops

    Lectures, walking tours and continuing education programs, educating professionals and laypeople in architecture and the urban environment.

  • Testimonial

    “One of the most inspirational guides I’ve ever worked with is Tom Rankin.” – Rick Steves

TRA_20 is…


Exhaustive knowledge and passion for Rome, always building on the past.


Innovation, combined with  pragmatism and project management skills.


Unprecedented access to unforgettable places and people.


Ecologically-conscious architecture and urban design projects for public and private clients.


Local knowledge, local contacts in Rome and all of Italy.


Valuing Italy’s cultural heritage and keeping it alive with new energy.


Our Latest Updates from Rome

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Rick Steves and Rome’s Bridges

January 12, 2017

Rick Steve’s End of Year message, illustrated with my sketches of the bridges of Rome’s Tiber river, launched a hopeful message about the importance of building bridges and not erecting…

“Ponti di Roma” Limited Edition Foldout

December 19, 2016

This holiday season I decided to go out and draw Rome’s bridges, making a small watercolor for twelve of the 24 Tiber river crossings from Testaccio to Flaminio and compiling…

Urban observations: Conversation on Roma

December 9, 2016

Join us for an informal bilingual discussion about Rome, its resources and challenges, its magic and mundanity,  the hourly headaches and the monthly miracles. Architect Tom Rankin is author of…

DWELL: urban place-making projects

A selection of projects and initiatives for cities (mostly for Rome)

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INHABIT: architecture, interiors and design

Some past projects by TRA_20

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SEE: Sketches and Watercolors

I love sketching, at home in Rome or on the road wherever I go. Here are a few.

For a complete portfolio of sketches