ROMA (IT) 2020

Team: Arch. Tom Rankin with Brian Smith

This hypothetical project presents a comprehensive urban strategy for a site along the Tiber riverfront at the southern edge of Rome’s historic center. The proposal envisions the creation of of an institutional building for the International Society for Art, Architecture and Archaeology of Rome (ISAR), an international non-profit organization dedicated to education about Rome’s cultural heritage. In coordination with the nearby International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM), this new research center provides a place for international scholars to stay for periods from one week to three months, to pursue research and collaborative projects. 

The buildings include a lecture room for public lectures (250 people), meeting rooms, laboratories, a library, administrative offices, storage. The residential component provides for 10 small apartments suitable for couples with 1-2 children, 10 single studio apartments, and dormitory/hotel space for an additional 50 people. 

It is in the interests of ISAR, and part of the hypothetical agreement with Roma Capitale, to carry out improvements in the surrounding urban area such as improved access to the river banks, traffic calming efforts, elimination of on-street parking, structured transit stops, etc. The ground floor contains  a cafe/restaurant which can cater to ISAR participants but also the general public, a small exhibition space and bookshop, workshops for artisans involved in restoration, and access to parking and logistics drop-off points below ground level.